Sunday, 14 November 2010

New art work as promised

Hi everyone, as I promised yesterday I do have some art work and I even have to much that I cant put it all on tonight.And some of it I did it at the beginning of the year and even when I was in year 2.

 This is the front page of my very small animal sketch book. All I did to get my front cover was to fold it one way then fold it the other way.Then I wrote animal sketch in bubble writing then I wrote my name.

 These are my first two pages of my book, the first page is a monkey and I did that at 11:15am on 20th April 2010. The second page is a giraffe and I did that at 25 past 7pm on the 19th April 2010.........

 ......And this is my last page even though I did it first. It is two dolphins jumping out of the water. I did it at Quarter to 7pm on the 19th April 2010.

Thanks for coming I really do enjoy reading all your lovely comments hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, bye



Lorraine A said...

you are really artistic Emmy !!! keep it up !!

Lorraine x x x

{Jane} said...

Gorgeous animals and so well drawn

Hugs Jane x

Vanja said...

These are beautiful, Emmy! I love the monkey! :)

Hugs, Vanja

Craftyanny said...

Hi Emily
Your Mum was telling us over on Totally Papercrafts about your fab drawings and she sure wasn't wrong.
Your a very talented little lady sweetheart, keep it up and you'll be making digi's soon for us to use on our cards.
I love your dolphins jumping around in the sea:)
Anne x

Doreen said...

I really think these are excellent

Rainmac said...

Wow Emily, your sketches are amazing! I'd love to be able to draw like you but I'm not very good. You have a real talent, thank you for showing us your work. Love, Sarah (a friend of your mum's on the computer!) x

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
well animals be me fav thing of all, these are just stunning hun,i can't even draw a match stick man!, sue,x