Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hi everyone thanks for the lovely comments. Who do you think is going to win the x factor I think either Wagner even though I don't want him to win, Matt I really like him , Katie even though I don't think she is going to win, Sher or one direction. Once again thanks for the lovely comments and I hope you will pop back soon and I'll try to get more things put onto my blog.

See you soon, bye



Hi, I'm back again and ready for posting some more pictures. Now then these are two of my pics.

The first one is the one I did when I was 8. It was when we were doing the topic about Hull. I cant remember what it was a picture of but my teachers, Mrs Machen and Mrs Mcpherson, thought mine was so good that they had to keep it to show there next class. But I have it back now. 

    What we did was we all got to take a picture of a famous building that was in Hull and we had to draw it in pencil first. Then when we had finished I chose to go over  it with charcol. This picture was displayed in the school for ages.

The next one was a calendar that I made about a year ago. The only thing I can remember how we did it was that we painted each of the season pictures that are teachers printed off.
this is it....
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked my pics.
See you soon

New art work as promised

Hi everyone, as I promised yesterday I do have some art work and I even have to much that I cant put it all on tonight.And some of it I did it at the beginning of the year and even when I was in year 2.

 This is the front page of my very small animal sketch book. All I did to get my front cover was to fold it one way then fold it the other way.Then I wrote animal sketch in bubble writing then I wrote my name.

 These are my first two pages of my book, the first page is a monkey and I did that at 11:15am on 20th April 2010. The second page is a giraffe and I did that at 25 past 7pm on the 19th April 2010.........

 ......And this is my last page even though I did it first. It is two dolphins jumping out of the water. I did it at Quarter to 7pm on the 19th April 2010.

Thanks for coming I really do enjoy reading all your lovely comments hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, bye


Saturday, 13 November 2010

I'm back

Hi, I'm back, back on my blog and ready to post some new things that I have drawn and made. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for around about a year. I've been so busy and guess what, I forgot all about my blog a while ago but I have made and drawn lots of things and I am ready to get posting.

Don't forget to pop back because I will be posting some things over the weekend.

See you all soon, Bye


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hi guys, sorry I havent posted anything for a while. I want to share with you the cd I have covered for the childrens cd swap over on the magical crafts forum.

I used some sparkley two tone blue paper.  When the light catches it you can see glimpses of a gorgeous green colour.  I also used some flowers from mum and I used a funy image from polycraft.

Thankyou for stopping bye
Emmy X

Monday, 4 January 2010

First card of 2010 and First EVER challenge entries

Hi everybody.  This is my first card of the year and my first challenge entry for

Littlehandsdocrafts - something Christmassy

WinterWonderland - Cinnamon, Lime, Berry

Mummy let me use one of her images off the computer and I coloured it with pencils.  I used some card and papers and a big white punch.  I also used a little ribbon (mummy did make the bow bit for me).  The title says celebrate the season but I didn't get a very good photo.  This was in one of our little boxes of stuff.

Thankyou for looking, I hope you like my card

Emmy X

A Four in One Card Challenge

Hello everybody.  This is my first four in one card for the following challenges:

Crafty Monkeys - Sketch
Totally Gorjuss - A Thankyou Card
One Stop Craft Challenge - "Something beginning with B" (BLUE)

I used one of mummy's pretty stamps.  I chose these papers because I really liked how they looked together and I really like blue.  I added some card candy and some alphabet stickers.

Thankyou for stopping by.  I really hope you like my card.

Emmy X

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Future Digi Artist?

This is a drawing of a frog.  I copied it from a book and I decided not to colour it in because I thought it looked better. 

This is a painting of a flower I did at school.  I copied it from a real life flower from the school garden.
First I drew it then I painted it with detail.

This is a drawing of a elephant that I copied from a book.First I drew it then I coloured it in.

This is a drawing of lady.I like drawing manga and this is one of my first attempts.

Thanks for stopping bye and have a good weekend.

Emmy X

Friday, 1 January 2010

Roman Mosaics

This is my Roman mosaic I made at school. I made it out of diffrent coloured card.  After cutting the card into lots of tiny squares I then had to copy by hand a picture of a real Roman mosaic.  This made it easier to re-create the mosaic with the little bits of paper.

I chose similiar colours to the real one.  It took me about 3 or 4 half days to do it and its massive.

This is my second mosaic and I designed it myself.  I also chose the colours.

This mosaic is smaller than the first one and I was able to laminate it to protect it which is why the picture is real bright. I couldn't stop the glare from the camera flash.

I hope you like it, thankyou for stopping by.

Emmy X

Four Boxes

Hi everyone, I'm back with my first set of craft pictures.  These are my boxes made using some papers I got for Christmas from my aunt Jo and some of my mum's stamps.

These are all of them together.

This is the box that I just altered using some papers, a ribbon, a star stamp on the lid and one of the lovely Greeting Farm ladies.

For this one I used an empty sweets tube, coverered it with paper and used ribbon and a dragon stamp.

This box I made totally by myself and just used a ruler to make sure all the sides were right.  I then covered it with paper and put some ribbon on it.

I made this box the same way and after the papers, I used a teddy bear stamp from mum's cupboard and stuck it on the lid.
I used mum's watercolour pencils to do all the colouring.

I hope you like them
Happy New Year everyone and have a good year crafting.

Emmy X